Welcome to Bobby’s Bundles

This is the place where elegance and creativity meet to create the ultimate fashion in weaves. We are up to date on everything and you can never go wrong with anything from our collection. So shop with us today, and have a great hair life.

The Appeal of Weaves

We all want to look good. Some of us have hair that is naturally awesome and most of us nee work. You can skip all that and go straight to looking stylish with weaves from our collection. Style is power and you can get some of that here.

No ‘Bad Hair Days’

If you want to look good all the time, you can. There are no days when you will wake up and be like, ‘my hair is terrible’. Weaves have the advantage of being what they always are all the time. If you can get the right ones, you can always look good, every day.

You Can Pick Looks

When you have just natural hair to pick from, some of the outfits that you have will not really pair with it well. That is why you should have different looks. With weaves, you can pick just about any look that you want and go with it.

It is Easy to Find What Fits With Your Clothes

Natural hair takes a lot of styling and editing to capture your look perfectly. With weaves, you can pick something that accentuates who you are with ease. There is no going wrong with what fits you.

Maintenance Is Easy

When you have wigs, you will not have a hard time keeping them looking great. They are easy to maintain. You just have to follow guidelines and you will look good all the time. It leaves you time to do more with your days.

Cheap and Convenient

Maintaining your own hair can get really expensive. Weaves on the other hand are cheap to buy and they do not need much. You can save a lot of money and time that you spend preparing to leave the house when you buy a weave.

Try saving money and time today. Time is money, why waste it.


Shopping from Bobby’s Bundles is an absolute joy. The prices are amazing and getting around the website is easy. I recommend this for anyone who has problems finding what works for them. If you need collections, they have them. If you are looking for natural hair, it is all here. Definitely shopping here again.
Janice Loice -